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The world has been transformed into a Global village due to Globalization. Technological development has made connectivity and dependency inevitable in today’s world. Important aspects of our lives, such as businesses, jobs, relationships, etc. are transcending borders.

We are connected to foreign countries through employment, relationships, socialization, and many more ways. However, it is costly to communicate in a foreign country using local networks.

Communication is necessary to carry out activities such as employment or socialization. Calling someone in a foreign country won’t cost a single penny now… In this article, I will list 16 apps that you can use to call people in a foreign country for free.

International calls for Free?

In the late 2000s, new technology was introduced called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Apps that allow international calls for free use the VoIP technology.

16 Apps to Make Free International Calls

  • WhatsApp: WhatsApp is the most famous app on this list. It has approximately one billion users around the world. WhatsApp allows you to do voice and video calls. Text messages can also be sent. WhatsApp can also send and receive documents of up to 100 MBs.


  • FaceTime: FaceTime is only available on Apple FaceTime allows you to do voice and video calls to all Apple users throughout the world for free. A stable internet connection is all you need. If you are an android user, you cannot access the FaceTime app; only Apple users can make use of it.


  • Skype: Before WhatsApp and Facebook took over, Skype was the most used app to communicate internationally. It allows you to send text messages, voice, and video calls. Moreover, Skype is available on Android, iOS, and Windows.


  • Rebtel: Rebtel is different from other apps mentioned in this article. Rebtel allows you to call other Rebtel users in 53 countries of the world, without Data or WIFI connection. Rebtel makes use of your local mobile number and lets you call other Rebtel users in countries supported by Rebtel.


You can use Rebtel even if you are not a part of the Rebtel-supported countries. A stable cellular data or WIFI connection is all you need to access Rebtel.


  • Viber: Viber is famous and widely used in many countries of the world. Just like all other apps, you can install Viber on your android or iOS device. Upon opening your Viber app, you can see all Viber users that are part of your contact list. You can send text messages, do voice and video calls using the Viber app.


  • IMO: Almost all the apps in this list function only when you have a stable cellular data or good WIFI connection. IMO is the only app that can work even if you have a 2G So, you will not face any issues, even if 4G or WIFI is not available.

IMO has a high-quality security process that encrypts all the calls and text conversations. Therefore, your confidentiality is not compromised in any case.

You can have group voice and video calls with up to 6 IMO users.


  • PopTox: PopTox is a unique app. Just like all other apps, PopTox also allows you to make free international calls. But the calls can be completed even if the receivers do not have access to the PopTox app.

PopTox uses Data or WIFI connection to connect to any regular cell phone number.

The premium version of PopTox is also available. It allows you to make as many calls as you want. The regular free version has a limit on calls per day.



  • LINE: In this list of apps, LINE is the first Multifunctional app. Apart from communicating internationally, it also provides you other useful features.

Just like PopTox, the receiver does not need to have the LINE app for the call to be completed.

One drawback of the LINE app is that you can call a number for only 5 minutes.

Text messages, voice notes, videos, and documents can also be sent and received using the LINE app.

LINE also offers social media features. You can share posts on LINE and see what your contacts have posted too.

Daily news is also available on LINE that can be read by all users.



  • Vonage Mobile: One of the oldest apps on this list is Vonage Mobile. It was designed and published soon after Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) was introduced. It is still available to install. You can do voice and video calls in foreign countries for free using Vonage Mobile. Both parties must have the Vonage Mobile app for the calls to be completed.

Video messages can also be sent through this particular app if you do not want to call.

Vonage Mobile is available on Android and Apple devices.



  • Tango: Tango is another good app that you can use to contact internationally. There are only four countries in which Tango is available to use for free.
  1. Canada
  2. India
  3. Mexico
  4. United States of America

Tango can be used in other countries too. However, it will cost you an amount to call internationally using Tango.


  • VoipBuster: VoipBuster is an app that is different from the rest of the apps in this list. It is strictly a voice call app. Text messages and Video calls are not available on this particular app. You can access this app on PC as well as mobile devices.


  • VoipStunt: the owners of VoipBuster also own VoipStunt. Both of these apps are voice call only apps. Both of the apps work in different countries. For example, if VoipBuster works in a country, VoipStunt will not work in the same country. You can do unlimited voice calls using both the apps.


  • Voxofon: Voxofon was launched in 2008. It was among the first apps that used VoIP.

You can install this app even today. It is available on mobile devices and PCs.

Free voice and video calls can be done using the Voxofon app. Moreover, text messages can also be sent to other Voxofon users.

Lastly, you can also send pictures and videos using Voxofon for free.


  • WeChat: WeChat is exceptionally famous in China. WeChat has more users than Facebook in China. So, if you are looking for an app to call someone in China, you should use WeChat.

WeChat offers free voice and video calls. It can also have group calls.

WeChat also provides social media features.

If you are not from China, you can still install this app on your PC, Android, or iOS devices.



  • Google Voice: If you are living in the USA or Canada, you can use Google Voice to make free voice calls between the two countries.

As Google powers this app, you will be given a specific number. This will also safeguard your actual contact number.



  • com: is the last app on this list. This app will cost you some money. It is not available for free. However, it offers some of the most excellent features. A list of all benefits provided by this app is given below.
  1. Complimentary 1-800 Number
  2. Voice to Email
  3. Fax to Email
  4. Call Routing
  5. Auto Attendant
  6. Hold Music
  7. HD Conferencing
  8. SMS/Text Messaging

Any free app mentioned in this list does not provide these fantastic features. is an app that is mostly used for business purposes. If a company wants to improve its relationship with the customers in a foreign country, is the best option.


Given in the article above are 16 different apps that you can use to call internationally for free.

These apps allow you to have text conversations, voice, and video calls free of cost.

Other useful features of these apps are that you can send voice and video messages. Photos, videos, and documents can also be sent and received using the apps mentioned in this article.

Given below is a guideline on how to select the best app. Three important aspects should be kept in mind while choosing an app:

  1. What is the country of the call recipient?
  2. How good is your internet connection?
  3. Which type of communication do you want to do? (voice call, video call or SMS)

The country of the call recipient is important. The above-given apps are not functional in all the countries of the world. Therefore, before installing an app, you need to make sure that the app is available and functional in the respective country.

Some of the apps in the above list require a good connection to work properly. Other applications like IMO just need a 2G connection to function. Therefore, you can select the apps depending on the quality of your connection.



There are apps in the above list that only offer voice calls. Some apps also provide text messages and video calls. Therefore, you can select the app based on the type of communication you want to have.

I Hope After Reading This Article Carefully, You Will Now Be Able to Communicate Internationally Free of Cost.

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