Canadian Visas

Right into this article, we will be getting closer to the complete set of discussion about the Canada business visa! There are two main and important ways for an experienced business person to immigrate to Canada as mentioned below:

  • The Investor category
  • The Entrepreneur category

What to know about Investor Category?

The Immigrant medium of Investor Programs will be giving you with the access just as to the entrance as to immigrate on with the business persons who are not willing as to rely straight away upon the running a business in Canada. The Investor is needed to attend with the net assets that should be at least $1,600,000. In view with the section, there is the involvement of the unconditional permanent residence that can be achieved as being dependent on top of the 5-year deposit of $800,000 with the Federal government or also the medium of the government of Quebec.

What benefit is given to the Investor?

Investors who are thinking about as in attending their children all with the study in Canada will be getting much of the benefit as being set into the result of lower or affordable tuition fees and so many scholarships and so as the bursary programs that is to be available to Canadian residents. The category as somehow being dependent on children will be adding away with the access over the Immigrant Investor's application as if they are under the age of 22. Additionally, those who are over the term of 22 years of age may be included if in the condition they are still full-time students and somehow has been financially dependent on their parents.

About eligibility requirements In the Federal Immigrant Investor Program:

Hence the ownership form of the Management of a qualifying business, as defined under the Regulations, OR Management of almost five employees in the range of activity. In the investment, it has to be around CAD 800,000 for five years, as the Government guaranteed 0% interest. There will also be the involvement or contribution of the security background check and even in the view of the medical examination.

There are somehow two main options in condition over when making your investment under this program:

State No 1

The first condition is about the CAD$800,000 investment of your funds. This would be all about as to meet up with the investment requirement, as you may choose to make a government-guaranteed investment of CAD$800,000 of your funds in the company of the Government of Canada. These funds are to be all the more kept as by the side of the government for five years.

Condition No 2

The second condition is about the payment into the financing fee. Besides, you can all the way choose or select to pay the once-off financing fee to a government-approved financial institution. This fee will not be returned to you.

You should be considering or thinking away as to send on with the documents related with the business and managerial experience all along with the documents proving your net worth.

Was this blog post helpful for you to learn about the application process for applying for Canada business visa? If yes, then without wasting your precious time plan to set your business in place of Canada, establish a business plan and ask for the business visa category right now!

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