What is mobile rooting and jailbreak

Mobile phones manufactured with complete human satisfaction, but with passage of time, some new software and mobile tricks launched in internet, to enable these new settings and tricks, mobile rooting or jailbreak is important. Most of people donít know about the mobile rooting. Here we will provide you complete information about the mobile rooting. What is mobile rooting, and is it important for mobile phones or not, here we will discuss about that all questions, which occur in mobile users, who want to know about mobile rooting and jailbreak.


As per your know that, root means that the roots of tree inside the mud, at which tree bases.

Finding software origin in mobile phone called rooting, in other words, its mean that to enter into mobile to make that not all changes in mobile phone, which mobile company provide already.


Root and jailbreak is same, but jailbreak word used for iphone and rooting user for android mobiles.

Why rooting?

if you want to make some changes in your cell phone according to your need, which android and ISO software not providing, so in this situation you can root or jailbreak your call phone, otherwise it is not important or can be harmful for cell phone.

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