Rooting an android mobile phone

Mobile rooting is a case sensitive, if you know about the rooting and have proper information about rooting, then root your device, otherwise if could be very harmful for you. In normal situation, you did not need to root your device. If you have some basic know how about the rooting, so all rooting information and method to root the android device mentioned below. After rooting you can make any type of major change in your mobile phone, it depends on your requirement.

How to root an android mobile phone:

If you want to root your android device, you need software called “kingroot”, this software is not available on play store, and you can download this software direct from Google.

After installing this software in mobile phone, some steps required to root your android mobile.

Open software and tap at top right button on screen for settings, here you will find start rooting, just tap on it and start rooting. During root, it will take some minutes and will turn on and off automatically.

After completing process, you will see “successfully rooted” notification in kingroot.

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