Turn on and off mobile using screen home button

Latest mobile phones manufactured with just three main buttons, power button/volume up and down only. When we needs to screen on and off we use power buttons, but some of mobiles have large screens, itís become difficult to turn screen on and off with power button, in this case you can use an app which can gives you quick and very convenient way to turn screen on and off. Using home buttons while screen on and off you can use this screen button to turn screen on and off. Other all information mentioned below.

How it works:

This app works in background and you can use your home button of screen to turn on and off screen.

When you will double tap at home button on screen, it will turn off or on your screen.

You did not need to use power button to turn screen on and off, sometimes you did not in the position to use home button, so you can touch at screen of turn it on.

How to download and enable:

You can download easily this app from play store by searching double home

After installing this app into your mobile, just open the app, open settings and enable ďdouble tapĒ option

Now, for screen on and off, you can use your home button with double tap

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