U-Dictionary: Translate & Learn English

Dictionary introduction:

English is an international language, so everyone needs to be preface in this language. Everyone have android mobile phone nowadays, so now itís not difficult to learn new words, because play store playing a vital role not only for providing apps but also for increasing your knowledge. There are multiple types of dictionaries available on play store, but mostly are online, and which are offline, they have no users satisfying features and interface. The discussed below dictionary will gives you that all features which you need.

All the information you need about this app mentioned below which will help you a lot.

Key features of this dictionary:

The discussed features of this dictionary separate it from all other dictionary apps available in play store.

  • No internet connection required for this app to find words
  • Lot of other languages available in this app “language pan”
  • You can use this language panel to download a language for “offline use”
  • After installation of a “desired language” you can use it offline
  • It “remembers your searched” words in search par
  • Its available for “android and ISO” users both

Most amazing features:

  1. Using the “cam option” you just need to scan the word it will automatically generates the meaning in your selected language in very quick way without writing the word in search bar
  2. You can “turn on notification” from settings and it will show “new words” at your lock screen, which will help you to learn more and more words at opening every “mobile screen lock”
  3. Using the “copy to translate” option, you can copy anything from any editable area and it will translate it for you instantly

Application name (available in play store):

U Dictionary

Downloading and setting help for this dictionary:

Here are some key settings mentioned for you to download and setting up this app in your mobile phone.

  • Simply download and install this app in your mobile phone
  • Go to settings and turn on notification for lock screen
  • Now open language pan from settings and download your language pack
  • Go to settings, open “copy to translate” option and turn on “instant copy to translate” option

Hope you will enjoy this app in your mobile phone, and will be fluent in English vocabulary.

Click here to download U Dictionary for android:
Click here to download U Dictionary for ISO:

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